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Multilingual Multicultural Solutions

MINT Bilingual Relay Services


 voip-no-hardware.pngMINT's Bilingual Message Relay is a low cost, high efficiency solution to communicate with Limited English speaking clients. For a minor setup fee and only cents per word, MINT creates your own language line. Your MINT language line then relays non-urgent messages to Limited English clients, and returns their messages to you, via voice mail, email, or text.



The Problem

Even when clients are not in your office there is a need to communicate with them. This is also true for your Limited English Clients. These communications are part of the bread and butter of your operations. For example, your office may need to schedule a meeting with a Limited English Client, give them the results of an assessment/test, get a signature from them, or gather more information. Similarly, Limited English Clients need the reassurance they can communicate with you. They may need to cancel an appointment, or call asking about updates on a case. These are examples of everyday operations within organizations. These operational needs change from organization to organization, but they are ubiquitous in all workplaces. Without them your business or services cannot function effectively, and your clients cannot receive full and equal access to the benefits of the services or functions rendered by your organization.

Language barriers make these everyday operations difficult, and until now there have been no efficient and effective tools designed to primarily address operations. To overcome operational communication barriers, some businesses have chosen to communicate with their Limited English Clients through a family member or friends designated by the client. This option raises privacy concerns and also takes time, effort, and resources. Communication through a designated layman proxy is neither professional or reliable, opening organizations to unwanted liabilities and risks. To avoid this, some organizations incur the cost of expensive interpreter agencies in their everyday operations. This option reduces liabilities, unwanted risks, and addresses privacy concerns, but is a costly solution, takes up valuable time and resources. Additionally, hiring expensive interpreter agencies does not solve the problem of giving Limited English Clients an equal opportunity of contacting you. To contact you the Limited English Client may still need to use a family member or friend, raising the same concerns outlined above. Another "solution" includes having the Limited English Clients contact you directly (or the interpreter agency), ask for an interpreter, hang up, and wait for a call back. This process is not only costly and time consuming, but can builds walls to effective communication. There are many reasons why Limited English Clients may feel overwhelmed by having to communicate in English to contact you. They may regularly choose not to do so.

Until MINT Bilingual Relay Service, there has been no good way to overcome operational language and cultural barriers, requiring you to incur the cost of expensive interpreter agencies for a partial solution, which wastes valuable time and other resources in the process.

The Solution

MINT Bilingual Relay Service is a unique and innovative communications solution that allows organizations to seamlessly communicate non-urgent messages to and from Limited English Clients, while avoiding language and cultural barriers. Operational needs change from organization to organization. MINT Bilingual Relay Service custom designs a communications solution for your organization, which takes away language and cultural barriers. MINT Bilingual Relay Service ensures Limited English Clients have equal access to the full array of services rendered by your organization. MINT Bilingual Relay Service allows your organization employees and Limited English Clients to communicate with each other, each in their native tongue, without having to worry about language.

MINT Bilingual Relay Service:

  • simplifies everyday operations, making them as effortless as if carried out in English.
  • makes employees no longer have to worry about language or cultural barriers.
  • avoids employees having to waste time coordinating interpreter services or contacting interpreter agencies.
  • solves privacy and professional issues that happen when  clients communicate with you through their family or friends.
  • addresses risks, liability, and reliability concerns that happen when  clients communicate through their family or friends.
  • prevents organizations from having to worry about the coordination and availability of interpreters.
  • allows clients to contact organizations while outside the office in their own native language.
  • Takes away client anxiety of having to contact your office in English.
  • is as simple and easy to use as calling on the phone, emailing, sending a texts, or sending a message online.
  • provides Limited English Clients an equal opportunity of accessing and being fully involved in your organization.

MINT Bilingual Relay Service is so user friendly your Limited English Clients will instantly gain access to the full range of services your organization has to offer, allowing them to participate and benefit just like any other English proficient clients, while bringing up your client base, making your operations more efficient, and maximizing your income.

How does MINT Bilingual Relay Service work?  

We create your own, exclusive, one-of-a-kind, specialized operations language line (with your own unique phone number included - if you chose this option). Your own MINT language line is simple and easy to use. Your organization employees and Limited English Clients communicate through it, each in their native tongue, without having to worry about language. We take care of the rest.

Let's say you have to contact a Limited English Client to change the time for an appointment, or the client needs to contact you for the same reason. With the Bilingual Message Relay service the process is inexpensive, quick and easy. Just grab a phone, call your language line, leave your message, and hang up. MINT Bilingual Relay Service takes care of the rest, relaying your message to the Limited English Client and getting back to you with a response. Prefer not to use the phone— want to keep better electronic records? Not a problem. Just email your language line instead. Are you one the road or out of the office? We also do that too. Just send a text to your language line. It works the same way for your Limited English clients. They leave a message and we do the rest, making sure not only that you operations are seamless, but that your employees and your clients are communicating effectively a professional environment.


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