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MINT Video Interpretation Services




Minnesota Interpreters and Translators offers remote interpreter services for healthcare, social services, educational, business, legal customers, and other needs. Our interpreter services is a premium service unlike any other. Minnesota Interpreters and Translators does more than just provide an interpreter. We hand-pick interpreters to match your specific needs for each and every request - in all major languages.

 So how are we different? While other interpreting agencies focus on a being a jack of all trades, specialist in none, we focus on addressing not only your language needs but also in making sure each interpreter has the industry skills and cultural awareness  required to interpret proficiently. Our multilingual interpreter team is comprised of highly experienced native speakers that are not only experienced interpreters, but have a supplemental degree or experience in the areas they are interpreting in.

How do we do this? MINT interpretation services requires a  bachelor degree, certification, or equivalent experience in the area they will be interpreting. Why have medical or legal appointments interpreted by high school graduates, when your meetings could be interpreted by trained native speaking interpreters with years of medical / legal experienced? Why not have your education meetings or conferences interpreted by an interpreter with a degree in education?

You will feel totally secure in the professionalism of our interpreters. Most of our interpreters are native speakers who have that authentic, organic quality difficult to match. Our on-site and remote interpreters are qualified, experienced interpreters who have knowledge of the right terminology and cross-cultural awareness that will make each encounter a success.

In summary, our interpreters are hand-picked for your business, matched not only for language skills, but also a select combination of experiences, degrees, certifications, and other qualifications that specifically fits your needs.

Our native speaking interpreters currently have experiences and degrees in fields that include:

  • Worker's Compensation Claims & Management Services
  • Depositions
  • Mediation Conferences and Services
  • Court Services
  • Court and other legal proceedings
  • Medical Surgeries and Procedures
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Therapy Sessions
  • Group Psychotherapy (including DBT)
  • Medical Tourism
  • Hospital / Clinic Visits
  • Business Conferences
  • Personal Injury Claims & Management Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Human Resources Meetings
  • Social Services Meetings
  • Parent / Teacher Conferences
  • Independent Education Plan meetings and planning
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Conference Interpreting
  • Employee Training
  • Other

If our current areas of interpretation do not fit your needs we will seek interpreters who do.

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