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Multilingual Multicultural Solutions

About US


Minnesota Interpreters and Translators, LLC is a premier provider of language services specialized in health care, educational, small and middle sized businesses, legal services, and social service communication solutions. Founded in 2013, we have made it our business to design communication solutions and solve complex information management needs for our clients.

Communication is the bread and butter of organizations. Organizations need to communicate with their clients to function effectively. Minnesota Interpreters and Translators will assist and support your business or services to make sure you can communicate with your clients. We meet with you, listen to your needs, and devise a custom product designed to solve any identified information management needs.

Currently our products include traditional transcription and translation services, as well as operational solutions, such as our Bilingual Relay Service and Specialized Interpreter Services, each one designed to overcome language and cross-cultural barriers, and maximize your communication with Limited English Clients.

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