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Multilingual Multicultural Solutions


MINT Communications

is a premier provider of language services

Designed for health care, educational institutions, small and middle sized businesses
legal services, and social service organizations.

Compete in a Multicultural and Multilingual World

 Our MINT language line and Specialized Interpreter Service are communication solutions designed by us for small to midsized organizations.

Operate without the budget required to hire a full team of interpreters and translators.

MINT is Unique

Our services go beyond traditional face-to-face or telephone interpretation. We specialize in multilingual operations solutions .

No need to hire expensive interpreters to operate your business.

MINT Presents: The Bilingual Message Relay Service

Remove language barriers from your day-to-day operations

 We specialize in making your operations with limited English clients seamless. With MINT's language line you will avoid no shows, attract new limited-English clients, communicate effectively with existing ones, allow your clients to reach you, among many other benefits that will have your limited-English client business and/or service expanding in no time.

Other Specialized MINT Services

Our language services also include specialized face-to-face interpretationspecialized phone interpretation, traditional audio transcription, traditional document translation, and other multilingual services. Ask us for details of what we can do for you.

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Bilingual Relay Service

Operations Everyday Work

When you add this service MINT creates an exclusive MINT Language Line for you: an innovative operations management tool designed to help your organization carry out everyday operations without worrying about language barriers. Operate in multiple languages seamlessly, without the budget required to hire in-house interpreters and translators.   More

Specialized Interpreter Service

 phone_hispanic.jpgWe offer specialty on-site and telephone interpreter services for health- care, social services, educational, business, legal customers, and other needs. Our interpreter services is a premium interpretation service, unlike any other. Minnesota Interpreters and Translators does more than just send an interpreter. We hand pick a select interpreter to match your specific needs.  More

Traditional Translation and Transcription Services

Document translationWe offer traditional transcription services from audio sources into written material from one language to another, such as medical or legal dictations, law enforcement or business meeting recordings for business, legal services, social service and other needs. We also transcribe documents into English or another language. More


“Boutique multiculturalism accepts differences in dress, food, or worship. But the moment the sacred values of a particular ethnic or religious community become public, the toleration ends. (p. 63)”
                 ― Alvin Dueck and Kevin Reimber, Peaceable Psychology, A: Christian Therapy in a World of Many Cultures


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